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What Every Baby Boomer Needs to Know about Maximizing Social Security Benefits

One Decision Can Impact Your Lifetime Retirement Income by Over 100,000!1

The average couple in their 40's today will pay as much as $800,000 or more into the Social Security System2. When it’s time to collect, will Social Security work that hard for you?

It can!

You probably already know that you have a choice between claiming your retirement income early, or later. But many do not know that there are other claiming strategies that can potentially provide greater benefits during your lifetime.

This class will teach you how to utilize these strategies - and the potential consequences if you fail to do so.

Did You Know?

  • • Social Security offers three distinct types of benefits for retired workers and their spouses? Knowing the difference can potentially add tens of thousands of dollars to your lifetime social security benefits.
  • • You can forfeit some benefits by failing to consider divorce, remarriage, and widowhood in your Social Security plan.
  • • Social Security should be considered a financial resource along with your other assets when choosing to claim your benefits.
  • • Your spouse’s decisions concerning Social Security can affect your Social Security benefits.
  • • Spousal benefits are not limited to only the low-earning spouse.

About Your Instructor

Richard Sturm, a financial consultant and professional speaker, helps take the mystery out of your Social Security options with his Social Security Solutions Class.
As a public speaker, Richard has spoken for many corporate, civic, and fraternal organizations. Among them, he has been welcomed by The Lion's Club Intl., The Optimists, and the Communications Workers of America. Richard is often used as a source for news outlets such as: U.S. News and World Reports, Yahoo! Homes, and Consumer's Digest.

Richard’s unique presentation style will entertain and educate you about Social Security's complex system. His class can help you maximize your Social Security Benefits by providing the information you need to make an informed decision.

Get Answers to Your Social Security Questions

  • • At what age should I begin benefits?
  • • How can I potentially add more income to my lifetime benefits?
  • • How do I confirm that my earnings history is accurate and what steps must I take to correct an error?
  • • What about benefits for widowed, divorced, or minor children?
  • • How do I coordinate with my spouse to potentially maximize our lifetime benefit?

No Products, No Pressure

You don't like being pressured...neither do we!  Richard's classes are strictly educational! There are no products to be sold, and no pressure to buy anything! Simply come and enjoy learning about this important financial resource.

If you are interested in attending a class in your area, please complete this pre-registration form. We'll notify you when Richard is speaking in your area.  

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